Victor Uvarov

I'm a Software Engineer interested in architecting performant and scalable software systems. My expertise includes backend web development with NodeJS, Firebase, Google cloud run; Front end web development with React.js and mobile development with Flutter.

Olympic Data

An animated Topographic map of the world

This project was created to visualize a large data set. In this case olympic data organized by country and year


Article Portal

A tool for content managers

Article portal is an internal tool that allows content managers to edit, create and delete articles


Provider template

A production ready flutter mobile app template

A Flutter template with examples built for production. The template includes many traditional app features, such as a bottom navigation bar, mvvm architecture, localization, dialog service, navigation service, storage service, light/dark theme, life cycle manager to start/stop services, custom fonts and snackbar service



An AI Congress Chess engine

"Congress Chess" is a brand new chess-like board game, in which the chessboard is inspired by our Congress. There is a "right-wing" (featuring clergy), and a "left-wing" (featuring the environment). And there are "junior" and "senior" politicians